Thursday, 21 October 2010

Real Life and Writing

Okay, so this is about how real life can affect or inspire your writing. I suffer from depression, so of course, if I'm suffering from a spell, it can affect my writing. In a bad way. But at the moment, there is something that makes me so ridiculously happy that I feel all motivated and good. Well, someone. A cute boy from uni. Seriously. It is unbelivable how happy talking, thinking, about him makes me right now. But guess what? I don't really care to be honest. 'Cause he's adorable. And this is a good thing because when I'm happy I write better. And, who knows, this crush could be the source of inspiration for a future project (not my NaNo, I'll talk about that next week)! So an added bonus there.

My last crush was... not very good. It ended up making me really depressed. But in a weird sort of way, the heartbreak was a good thing. It has provided a lot of inspiration for when I write about unrequited love. I still wish we'd got together, though.

Has anyone else been inspired by something that's happened to them? How?

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