Saturday, 30 October 2010

My NaNo!

Yep, NaNoWriMo starts on Monday, which means that it's about time I told you about it. It is called Fall and here is my blurb:

October 2010. A new chapter in Natalie's life. University. Within two weeks of starting, she meets Caleb. Instantly, she fancies him and as well as trying to do as well as she can in uni, she tries her hardest to pluck up the courage to ask him out. But will she ever do it? Only time will tell...

It sounds cliche, I know, but hopefully it won't be when it's finished. I'm hoping to write a cute and quirky romantic comedy, with a few twisted motivations. It's inspired by my crush at uni - although there aren't any twisted motivations there - so I'm bound to come up with a few ideas and do okay writing it!

Unfortunatly, Suns and Stars is on hold, due to writer's block, but I'm hoping to finish both of these by the end of the year and start editing them early next year!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Music Monday: 25th October 2010

So, this is the start of Music Mondays. Every week, I'll be posting a song that fits my writing since the last MM post, whether it's a theme tune, inspiring song... My song of the week.

So, this week that song is Sugar Rush by Cash Cash.

The reason I picked this song is because it's Natalie's, the FMC from my NaNo Fall (more about that later this week), love theme. She thinks Caleb, the MMC, is totally adorable, and he gives her "one big sugar rush" every she sees him.Just switch the genders in the song around, and it fits. I can also see her listening to it and instantly thinking of him, which makes it even more fitting.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Real Life and Writing

Okay, so this is about how real life can affect or inspire your writing. I suffer from depression, so of course, if I'm suffering from a spell, it can affect my writing. In a bad way. But at the moment, there is something that makes me so ridiculously happy that I feel all motivated and good. Well, someone. A cute boy from uni. Seriously. It is unbelivable how happy talking, thinking, about him makes me right now. But guess what? I don't really care to be honest. 'Cause he's adorable. And this is a good thing because when I'm happy I write better. And, who knows, this crush could be the source of inspiration for a future project (not my NaNo, I'll talk about that next week)! So an added bonus there.

My last crush was... not very good. It ended up making me really depressed. But in a weird sort of way, the heartbreak was a good thing. It has provided a lot of inspiration for when I write about unrequited love. I still wish we'd got together, though.

Has anyone else been inspired by something that's happened to them? How?