Thursday, 23 December 2010


So, POVs. There are three types I am going to write about: first, third and first-third.

First, my novels. Suns and Stars is in first, Firework is in first, and Electric Dreamer is in first-third.

I love writing in first, because I feel it helps me get into the characters' heads easier. But I decided to write Electric Dreamer in first-third as I thought it would be interesting, and earlier this week, I bought Junk by Melvin Burgess which is written that way, even though I haven't started reading it yet.

Third, on the other hand, is good because it means that the narrator can see things from a distance and have several perspectives without interrupting the flow of the story. My favourite example of this is the Harry Potter series, where there are chapters that are not from Harry's POV, but are still important to the plot.

Now for deciding which to choose. Personally, I would choose first for romances and other times when you want the readers to get into a character's head, and third for when you want them to see things from a distance. This is why I think first-third suits Electric Dreamer - first is for the romance bits, and third is for the band bits

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