Sunday, 28 November 2010

My New Novel

Okay, so last night, I started a new novel, which I will be writing alongside Suns and Stars, until I finish Suns and Stars, which will hopefully be by New Year. It is called Firework. This is the blurb:

Will is a 15 year old schoolboy. Bullied by the so-called cool kids for being weird, struggles with his schoolwork and rejection by his crush makes Will feel that his whole life is utterly pointless. He is bitten, and becomes a vampire. Eventually, he realises that he is worth it and begins to plot his revenge...

It is told in first person from Will's POV and I am hoping that it'll be full of dark humour, while still being lighthearted in parts. I am hoping that it'll be finished, going by how long I've been writing this version of Suns and Stars, by May, which would be pretty good timing, as I finish uni in April and go back to uni in October, so I could hopefully have written the second draft of Suns and Stars, and maybe even started the second draft of this by the time I go back. But we'll see. Wish me luck.

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